Information for incoming students

Autor: IRO, last update: 04.09.2017

If you would like to study at the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow (PL KRAKOW19) as an exchange student within the Erasmus+ Programme, please read carefully the following information: 

1. Make yourself familiar with the list of courses in foreign languages, offered each year by our university. The course list of each institute is available under the following link:

2. Make sure your home university has a valid bilateral agreement (e.g. under the  Erasmus+ Programme) with our university within the field of your studies. Apply through your home institution in the academic year before you wish to study at Ignatianum. Every institution has its own procedures so please check with your International Office.
Upon a succesful application, your Coordinator/International Office informs us about your nomination by email to (the nomination deadlines are mentioned in the bilateral agreement between your university and Ignatianum). Nominations should include:

1. Student's complete name
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. E-mail address
5. Semester of exchange (autumn semester, spring semester or full academic year)
6. Current study field and cycle of studies at home university

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from students who have not been officially nominated by their university.
Our IRO acknowledges the receipt of the student's nomination. The acknowledgement does not guarantee acceptance from our university. The student is required to apply according to the following procedure.  

3. Apply to us by sending the necessary documents (BOTH BY EMAIL AND REGULAR POST) within the following deadlines:

Application deadlines

 Autumn semester and full academic year

15 June

 Spring semester 

30 November

Documents to be send:

  • Student Application Form - scan by email, original by post
  • Learning Agreement for studies - scan by email, original by post
    • dully signed by the student and the sending institution's coordinator
    • use the template provided by your home institution by default
    • fill in with the courses from our current courses' lists
    • check out our academic calendar in order to fill in the proper start and end date of your mobility  
  • Copy of language competence certificate - scan by email, original by post
    • min. B2 English level, according to the European Language Levels (CEFR)
    • a confirmation issued by the home university is also accepted
    • students, who have a min. level of B2 in Polish language and wish to study in Polish language, ought to send a Polish language certificate or confirmation issued by their home university
  • Personal Details form - scan by email, original by post
  • Copy of your passport or identity card - scan by email, copy by post
  • 1 passport size photo for your students ID (Paper form - 45 mm x 35 mm size) - by post
(Fact sheet - contains all the necessary information about Ignatianum within the Erasmus+ Programme for filling in the above documents)

Please make sure that the documents are fully and correctly filled in and the scans are in good quality. We do not accept photos.

Where to send the documents?
E-mail address:
(We kindly ask you to name all the documents in a standard way YOURNAME_SEMESTER_ACADEMIC YEAR_ DOCUMENT TITLE)

Post address:
International Relations Office
Erasmus+ Programme
Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow
Kopernika 26, 31-501 Krakow

After receiving all the documents, an official Letter of Acceptance is issued and sent to the student as well as the home university by email.

4. Before your arrival:

  • No on-line registration for the subjects you have chosen is needed.
  • Do not forget to issue and bring with you an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or/and a private insurance valid for your whole Erasmus mobility period in Poland. 
  • Bring with you possible sample documents which were provided from your home university (e.g. Certificate of Stay, Changes to Learning Agreement etc.).
  • Stay in touch with your Polish student Mentor in order to arrange all the practical details of your arrival and stay in Krakow.

5. Polish Language (concerns students who do not speak Polish)

Students who were succesfully accepted for an Erasmus exchange period at our university and are given the opportunity, by their home universities, to attend an OLS course, are highly encouraged to chose the local language option. In this way, they will be able to get familiar with some basics of the Polish language and make their beginning in Poland easier.

Furthermore, the Ignatianum Foreign Languages Centre organizes for all the incoming exchange students, a seperate Polish Language Course for beginners, which awards them with 2 ECTS and a certificate of attendance, provided they have regularly attended and succesfully passed a final evaluation test. The course is semestral. In order to subscribe to the course, please fill in the relevant bracket in the Student's application form.

6. At the end of your stay

  • One or two weeks before their last exam at Ignatianum, all students are asked to complete an Evaluation Questionnaire to provide IRO with a feedback about their studying experience.  
  • Upon the completion of their studies, students are provided with a Certificate of study period at Host Institution, mentioning the date of enrollment and the date of completion of studies.
  • An electronic version of the Transcript of Records, with the obtained scores at Ignatianum, is sent to your home university and to you by email, after your registered departure from our university.

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