NOMINATION INSTRUCTIONS for sending institution

Make yourself familiar with our educational programmes offered at our university.

Apply through your home institution in the academic year before you wish to study at Ignatianum. Each institution has its own procedures so please check it with your International Office. 

Upon a successful application, your Coordinator/ International Office informs us about your nomination by submitting a nomination form.

The nomination deadlines for coordinators:

SPRING SEMESTER  10th November

Nomination should be submitted only ON-LINE

We do not accept applications from students who have not been officially nominated by their home university.
Our IRO acknowledges the receipt of your nomination. The acknowledgement does not guarantee acceptance from our university. You are required to apply according to the following procedure.


The application deadlines for students (we do not accept any applications sent before and after these terms):

SPRING SEMESTER:    1 November - 30 November

Apply to us by sending to the SCANS of necessary documents.

We kindly ask you to send all documents in ONE email. Each document MUST be saved as a SEPARATE file (please do not connect all documents in one file). Remember to name all files in a standard way: YOUR SURNAME_SEMESTER_DOCUMENT TITLE (e.g.: Smith_winter_LA).

1. Student Application Form - to be submitted ONLY on-line

2. Learning Agreement for studies (LA) 

3. Language Competence Proof (LCP)

4. Scan of insurance valid for your whole mobility period

5. Scan of your valid passport or valid ID card (ONLY EU citizens)

6. Scan of passport size photo - IN GOOD QUALITY (jpg format)

7. Scan of Visa - applicable for non-European Union citizen

After receiving all documents, an official Letter of Acceptance is issued and sent to you and your home university by email as a confirmation that you were accepted as a student at our university.

8. Additional formalities for non-European students studying at Ignatianum within ICM (Erasmus+ KA 107 exchange mobility with partner countries)


Before the beginning of each semester (check our academic calendar for exact dates), IRO organizes 'Welcome days' for all international exchange students.

On the first day of 'Welcome days' (first day of mobility), an organizational meeting is held at the University, which includes presentation of important information:

•    concerning studies at Ignatianum,
•    on schedules,
•    on introducing changes to LA
•    on living in Krakow/ Poland (bank account, dormitories payment, registration to a doctor, public transport, sightseeing, travelling, entertainment etc.).

Students are receiving a welcoming package of gadgets and an 'Information package'. After the presentation, students have a campus tour.
All information provided at the first day’s presentation are highly important. Therefore student’s presence is obligatory.

After the presentation, students fulfill formalities at IRO and receive a Certificate of Arrival. It’s not possible to receive this document earlier.

On the evening of the first day and the second day of 'Welcome days', international students have chance to integrate with each other and with their Mentors by taking part in some interesting integration activities organized by IRO and the Mentors.


Participation in classes that you have chosen in the Learning Agreement is OBLIGATORY. Absences at a class will not allowed you to take the exam and you will not receive credits for the course.

Changes to LA

Changes to LA should be done within the first TWO WEEKS of your stay.
Exceptional reasons for changing your LA: 
1.    Previously selected educational component is not available at the Receiving Institution
2.    Timetable conflict
3.    Other (please specify: e.g. change of ECTS credits, too difficult subject in terms of language level requirements, previously selecteed course has a changed name, etc.)

How to introduce changes?

  • Check the updated courses list in English and their description:
  • Look broadly: check courses of all Institutes (ask for advice your home University coordinator)
  • Make a draft list of the subjects you would be interested in
  • Check for schedule collisions with the rest of your chosen subjects
  • Come to IRO/ send by email to IRO for checking 
  • Fill in electronically the During the Mobility part of your LA (USE template provided ONLY by your home University)
  • Print the document, sign it and bring it to IRO for signing by our acad. coordinator
  • Scan it and send it to your home University acad. coordinator
  • Send a copy back to IRO

Students who were nominated to study at our University only for the autumn semester have the possibility to prolong their stay for the spring semester.
Procedure for prolongation:

  1. Ask your home University about the available possibilities.
  2. Till 1st December inform Ignatianum IRO about your willingness to prolong your stay and submit the prolongation form provided by your home University at the Office (room 203).
  3. Till 18th December you will also be asked to send a draft version of a new During the Mobility part of your Learning Agreement for the spring semester (ask your home University coordinator which form to use).
  4. Till 15th January bring to Ignatianum IRO the final version of the During the Mobility for the new semester signed by all three sides (student, home and host University).
  1. EvaluationQuestionnaire - one or two weeks before your last exam at Ignatianum, you are asked to complete it to provide IRO with a feedback about your studying experience.
  2. International student's completion of stay form - on the last day of your mobility (no later than the last day of first examination period), you must bring to IRO the completed form. Please, check early enough and respect the admission hours of the secretariat and library!
  3. Certificate of study period - you will receive it on the last day of your mobility.
  4. Transcript of Records (ToR) - an electronic version of the ToR, with the obtained scores at Ignatianum, is sent to your home university and to you by email, after all marks are imported to the university system. Depending on student's departure date, there is a possibility to receive the ToR in original. Nevertheless, a scanned copy is always sent to your home University.