The Jesuit University Ignatianum in Kraków does not offer its own dormitories. However, thanks to cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology we offer places for foreign students. The dormitories are located on the campus of AGH, St. Józefa Rostafińskiego 7a, 30-072 Kraków (about 3,5 km from Ignatianum).

Students interested in this offer must tick the exact box in the Student Application Form. 

In academic year 2021/22 we offer places at the AGH Dormitory 'DS3 Akropol' (Tokarskiego 1 st.). Due to the high interest in this offer, places will be allocated in accordance with the chronology of the submitted student application form.

Prices and standards:

  • Monthly rent: 442,80 pln
  • Basic standard (fully furnished two double rooms and two triple rooms (with bunk beds) sharing a bathroom. Fridge in every room, big kitchen on each floor.).

All residents have free access to laundry, field (football, volleyball, basketball) and tennis courts booking. In every dorm kitchen, TV rooms and gyms are available to residents. Internet and cable TV acces in every room (included in the dormitory price). During the check-in students are provided with a bedding, which is changed every three weeks.

OTHER OPTIONS arranged by a student

In addition to the accommodation offered by us, students can live in:

1. THE DORMITORIES OF OTHER KRAKOW UNIVERSITIES that do not cooperate with the Ignatianum (CM UJ) (UP University)  (UR University)



Ignatianum is located in Krakow, the most touristic Polish city and a city of 21 higher education institutions and approx. 167 000 students, which means that finding a room or a flat may be difficult. 
The price for a room depends on the standard and location of the flat. Our University is located just a 10 minute walk from the city centre (Rynek Główny) and generally to the Old Town district or ''Stare Miasto'' in Polish. Almost all of the flats which are close to this location are in old-style houses, which has its pluses and minuses (for example, heating bills during the winter are quite high). Please have these additional costs in mind while looking for an apartment.
Other districts close to the University are: ''Kazimierz'', ''Śródmieście'', ''Grzegórzki'' and the prices and conditions of apartments can often be better than in the Old Town. If you need cheaper accommodation, however, you will probably need to travel to the University by bus or tram, walk a longer way or use a bike.
Popular Polish websites for finding accommodation which could help you take the decision are:


Student contacts the selected dormitory or flat owner individually.

PLEASE NOTE: that in this case, the IRO is not obliged to provide any assistance in arranging the accommodation.