Learning Agreement for studies

How to prepare a Learning Agreement (LA)?

  • Erasmus+ student - KA131 (within EUROPEAN UNION) - fill in the template provided ONLY by your home university
  • Erasmus+ student - KA107/KA171 (ICM/ OUTSIDE EUROPEAN UNION) - you can download the form here
  • International student coming within Bilateral Agreement (not within Erasmus+) or a freemover use the form provided by us: LA-international students

The LA has to be filled in electronically:

  • fill it in with courses from our current courses' lists - titles and ECTS must be identical with the actual lists (the maximum number of ECTS credits for one semester is 30)
  • very carefully copy the names of the subjects without spelling mistakes
  • pay attention to ECTS points assigned to particular subjects
  • take under consideration only the courses for the next academic year and for the relevant semester of your mobility
  • check out our academic calendar in order to fill in the proper start and end date of your mobility
  • leave the 'Responsible person at the receiving institution' field empty
  • before signing it send it to us as a draft version via email to verify if there are any mistakes
  • when you receive the answer from us, send us again the document duly signed by you and your home university’s coordinator
  • When your LA is signed by our academic coordinator, you and your coordinator will receive a scanned copy via email

RESPONSIBLE PERSON at the Receiving Institution (a person who is responsible for signing the LA) - leave this field empty. In case you need this data to your online form of the LA, please send your request to incoming@ignatianum.edu.pl