Restaurants & Polish Cuisine


Krakow as a touristic city has a wide range of different type of restaurants. First of all, you should try Polish cuisine. Below you may find a list of places where you can have inexpensive lunch close to the university:

  • Przystanek Pierogarnia - Bonerowska 14, Krowoderska 74, Stefana Batorego 26
  • Milk Bar Targowy - aleja Ignacego Daszyńskiego 19
  • Bar pod Filarkami - Starowiślna 29
  • Bar Mleczny U Pani Stasi - Mikołajska 16
  • Milkbar Tomasza - św. Tomasza 24
  • Metrum - Restobistro - św. Tomasza 43  (6th floor of the Music Academy – beautiful view)
  • Gospoda Koko” - Gołębia 8
  • Bar Mleczny pod Temidą - Grodzka 43
  • Restauracja Polakowski - Plac Wszystkich Świętych 10, Miodowa 39
  • Pierogarnia Krakowiacy - Westerplatte 15, Szewska 23, Sławkowska 13-15
  • Bar Grodzki - Grodzka 47
  • Domowe Przysmaki - Sławkowska 24A 

In 2019 Krakow was chosen as the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture. The title was awarded for the first time by the European Gastronomic Academy. 

More information about gastronomic life in Krakow you may find here.


Polish cuisine is very diveresed. Many dishes are based on meat but Polish tables have also been laden with vegetables and fruit across the ages. This is because Poland is a perfect land for growing food and today you can still easily get fresh, high quality produce. The influence of other cultures such as Russian, Ukrainian or Jewish is also present in our cuisine.

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