VISA and legalisation of stay

VISA - non-European Union citizen

If you are a non-European Union citizen you might need a visa to enter the territory of Poland. You obtain the visa from the consulate of Poland in your country of residence.
You can find detailed information on obtaining the visa in the Polish Consulate or Embassy located in your country. You can also find useful information on the following website:

Our Office issues an official Letter of Invitation for students who need visa. Such invitation contains e.g. information regarding the amount of your scholarship, the purpose of the visit. Please make yourself familiar with all the procedures of issuing visa to Poland in your country, in the embassy/ consulate of Poland. Please find out whether you need any other type of document in order to get the visa and let us know. 
The process of issuing visa may take one or two months that is why it is highly recommended to take care of visa procedures immediately after receiving the Letter of Invitation.
Scan of the visa should be sent to right after receiving it

LEGALISATION OF STAY - European Union citizen

If you intend to stay in Poland for 3 months continually, you must register your stay at the Department of Nationals’ and Foreigners’ Affairs of Małopolska Provincial Office in Krakow (Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców Małopolskiego Urzędu Wojewódzkiego w Krakowie). 

The documents required to obtain the residence card are the following:

  • application("Wniosek o zarejestrowanie pobytu") - 1 orginal +1 photocopy 
  • Photocopy of ID/ passport
  • Confirmation from IRO about exchange student status (come to ask about it to IRO)
  • Photocopy of EHIC card or private health insurance
  • Written declaration that the person has sufficient financial resources to provide for himself/herself
  • No fee

Address: The Foreigners' Affairs Unit of the Department of Nationals' and Foreigners' Affairs of Małopolska Provincial Office in Krakow, ul. Przy Rondzie 6 (ground floor, foreigners' affairs room)

You can find useful information here

We recommend you contact your Mentor to ask he/she for help.